My love/hate relationship with nisioisin’s *monogatari series goes back a long way and like, anime and light novels were a mistake, but also, how fucking dare:

Mayoi Snail, Nisioisin

Dude turn on your location I just want to talk about how emotionally called out I am

2020 VBS Packages, Reviewed: Rocky Railway

So, a little background: I am way more religious than most people usually would guess, but also in a very particular way where I think a lot about theology and am very picky about the presentation of liturgy. I hung out with a lot of religion majors my first couple years of college and now I can’t turn it off.

“Vacation Bible School” as I remember it was adding church to the rotation of places that your parents could put you for a week during the summer so that you could have fun and they didn’t have to hire a babysitter, but now it’s this terrifying heavily-marketed industry with mascot characters and set dressing and theme songs. Of course, for churches that don’t have a full-time education director and musician, it’s a lot easier to buy the volunteer leader a package and let them sort it out, but I find a lot of them, er. Questionable, both from a “would kids actually enjoy this” perspective and also from a theological one.

Anyway so the 2020 VBS packages are starting to come out and obviously a great way for me to pass the time is to rate them all. So, without further ado:

Rocky Railway VBS: “Jesus’ Power Pulls Us Through”
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hey check out my mixtape—

anyway since 8tracks is finally dead i guess i have to take matters into my own hands or something so I’m putting my playlists here as I can upload them (which also motivated me to shell out for digitalocean spaces to host my nextcloud shit instead because lol I’m putting a lot of stuff on this server space)

if you too want to host your own mixtapes (minus the gratification of having a community to like your mixes) the plugin cue is what i’m using and it’s been a very slick experience so far as far as upload, organization, etc.

I definitely got the idea to do this hair color from an old photo of Hwasa from Mamamoo, which is only slightly less embarrassing than the fact that I got my last hair color idea from an anime character

Still want to do Glimmer pastel pink hair someday, though; just, like, gotta let my hair chill out from the bleach times

anyway read shame is an ocean I swim across

Like it’s uh. CW many*, so like tread with caution, but I feel like a lot of people are trying to write this book and Mary Lambert actually did? A couple of the poems fell flat for me personally but also my overall impression was very positive, if in a “I need to lie down” kind of way.

  • I am happy to provide a list or check against specific needs on request