“You wrest it from the earth.” (God Land, Lyz Lenz)


religious noodling after the readmore

I keep meaning to go to church and not doing it. In part this is because an amount of it requires me to be a morning person, but I’ve made that work before and do it 5/7 days of the week for capitalism, so that’s probably not the real root of the issue.

I had a really great time with campus ministry activities because I was in with a group of  folks who really wanted to interrogate the texts being read and do a lot of thinky thoughts about theology and what we should be doing out in the world, but I feel like a lot of sermons I’m hearing these days are often more about how to get people in church, or for seeking solace rather than strength, to paraphrase part of the communion liturgy.

(I went to Easter Sunday very excited to experience a high holy day and the sermon was like two minutes because they were on the clock for the easter egg hunt going off on schedule. I was so mad.)

It’s very much still something that I feel is a part of me, I’m just not sure where to like—find the people who are into what I’m into? I want a very classic smells & bells religious experience with deep theological ideas and some low-key religious socialism ok

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  1. I really feel this; I’ve definitely had a very smells & bells religious upbringing but light on the religious socialism (lol Polish Catholics just say that Latin American liberation theology is just whoops they did a heresy, that’s not real Catholicism) and uh really not a lot of interrogating theological texts because lol why do that, you do what the church says, you’re not making your own opinions here. (Also 1) yeah Fun Hip church is not really a strong sell these days, I feel? and 2) I am like 3 chapters into God Land and wow this is some AAL required reading if it uh had existed back then!!!!)

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