can tell the hair stuff i bought is working because suddenly my hair is a wavy puff again, lmao. i’m not sure people appreciate the degree to which my hair has VOLUME because it’s been bleached to shit for most of the last couple years. I was growing my undercut out but maybe i’ll have […]

that feel when

a part of you is convinced, convinced that you could make a situation better via meddling, except you’re vaguely sure that’s not very healthy for anyone and that maybe you should just let it go wherever it’s going to go, except also being adjacent to it is causing you to lose your own fucking mind […]

bought myself an expensive-ass shampoo/conditioner/hair mask set from an internet company that promises a customized formula for your hair needs + location~ let’s see if this works

tfw you accidentally callout post yourself by creating an rpg character not once but TWICE who has firstly an overbearing parent with strong expectations for how she’s going to live her life and secondly an unhealthy inability to have strong opinions @ me next time!!!