I definitely got the idea to do this hair color from an old photo of Hwasa from Mamamoo, which is only slightly less embarrassing than the fact that I got my last hair color idea from an anime character Still want to do Glimmer pastel pink hair someday, though; just, like, gotta let my hair […]

My parents are stopping by on Monday and I’m running up against the fact that I can’t just never mention tattoos to them ever, but: Uh excuse me this is ART I am finding a way to be at home with my human body that doesn’t depend on being a particular size I am thirty […]

never thought i’d be into $50 t-shirts buuuuuut

every piece of universal standard clothing i put on my body feels AMAZING and fits super comfortable, and also looks great? i got one of their sample sale boxes and then after I did my tax return bought a bunch more stuff and i’m living for it tbh i appreciate that everything doesn’t feel stiff, […]