niche seasonal food + beverage reviews 9/25

“Feisty Cherry” Diet Coke – Supposed to have chili in it. I did not taste the kick in the same way as I did with the “Fire” flavor VitaminWater (which is good) but this is a perfectly okay cherry coke.  I’m interested in trying the “Blueberry Acai” next.

Strawberry Rhubarb Fruit-on-the-Bottom Chobani – Good. Perfect. A+. This had better stick around.

children’s cartoon adventures

so degen and I are now watching Rapunzel’s Tangled  Adventure  which especially at the beginning does have a lot of goofy kids’ cartoon moments, but also: gets real fuckin’ alarming with pointy spooky black rocks and uhhh apparently rapunzel gets destructo powers at some point or something, and also a surprising character ends up having a real freakout and becoming an antagonist, which I’m always here for

but also, bonuses: snarky lesbian* best friend, and also there’s a hot older sword lady with white hair in the second season

on the other hand, no one can come up with a decent nickname for rapunzel and they all cause me physical pain

*unconfirmed obviously because fucking disney but she spends a whole episode pretending to date a guy so she can arrest him and hates Eugene because she doesn’t think he’s good enough for Rapunzel. Rapunzel’s bi now.