bought myself an expensive-ass shampoo/conditioner/hair mask set from an internet company that promises a customized formula for your hair needs + location~ let’s see if this works

tfw you accidentally callout post yourself by creating an rpg character not once but TWICE who has firstly an overbearing parent with strong expectations for how she’s going to live her life and secondly an unhealthy inability to have strong opinions

@ me next time!!!

never thought i’d be into $50 t-shirts buuuuuut

every piece of universal standard clothing i put on my body feels AMAZING and fits super comfortable, and also looks great? i got one of their sample sale boxes and then after I did my tax return bought a bunch more stuff and i’m living for it tbh

i appreciate that everything doesn’t feel stiff, the fabrics feel super nice, there’s definitely a level of quality that i would expect from the price tag. i only just wish their selection of dresses was a little less… avant garde, cut-wise? but the separates have all been great so far.